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Building Brand Awareness in New Markets


After the initial launch of Regi in 2019, the beauty and medical aesthetic booking platform needed to get the word out and expand its presence in the New York, Los Angeles, and Dallas markets.  With the goal of launching in even more cities in 2020, the campaign would need to build brand awareness and increase sign-ups to the platform.


We helped Regi develop their brand purpose and value propositions – Convenient, Trustworthy, Elevated, and Tailored – before creating more than 30 pieces of digital content that targeted audiences through paid and organic posts.

To further solidify Regi’s brand presence, we created city-centric content in alignment with the broader “Do You Regi?” Campaign. These market-specific assets were optimized for paid social use and used to target audiences within the brand’s three key markets.


The “Do You Regi?” campaign was rolled out over the course of 3 months. The content, which included videos, cinemagraphs, and photos that were geo-targeted to each city, increased sign-ups to the platform while creating awareness and engagement for the brand across social channels. With results still rolling in, stay tuned for more expansion of Regi in 2020.