Echo logo

Creating a future-first world for management consultants


Translate complex messaging into an engaging brand story and visual world for a new B2B product coming to market.


Our first step was to establish why the new product was coming to market. What was its purpose and how would it connect with the target audience? With insights in tow, we translated a few high-level talking points into a compelling narrative.

Echo Brand Video Storyboards | Tane

Working through the design process we developed a wide range of visual metaphors, creating a world for Echo’s brand story to reverberate. Storyboards, animation, editing, voice talent, and sound design all came together to elevate the Echo brand identity.


The design elements, mood, and tone elevated Echo’s style while articulating their value proposition to their audience in a clear and compelling way. What began as talking points and a few static icons now encompassed a comprehensive brand video with elements that could extend across platforms.

Echo Brand Story Animated Design Element